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Entry #4

Yay! Free Games for the Mac!

2010-04-12 14:59:29 by Terrentiarius

Good free games. Yay.
I'll list a couple of good ones.

LinCity (in some ways it is actually quite an interesting game)
Unvanquished (Tremulous' successor)
Diaspora (ohmygahdsuch a fukkin awesome game)
0 AD
Warzone 2100
Urban Terror (not updated super often, but it is quite fun at times)

At least... these are the decent ones I've found so far. And unlike SOME GAMES, they aren't crapstarter whores. I'm not saying Kickstarter is bad... it's actually a genius way to fund things that would otherwise not get funding... but it doesn't mean that a game REALLY has to cost money. Money is nothing more than a useless way of keeping score, and motivating people who can't be damned to do anything. But enough of my socialist views – you probably think they're utter dreck. Give these games some love! That's more important than money. I'd be a hypocrite if I said it was 'worth' more.


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