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Redubbin Ideas

2009-10-15 02:03:16 by Terrentiarius

For some reason, the concept of redubbing the entirety of a TV show for inappropriate jokes and random concepts sounds like a good idea. Something dramatic that should have meaning might be replaced with, "It's no ordinary monster - it's a rapist." Somebody might yell something really nice or as a warning, and it would instead be, "You **cking bastard! I want to beat the **it out of you!" or "Damn you dancing sponges! Stop dancing! Where the hell is my burrito when I need it?!" with a YGOTAS Yami voice.

This for some reason sounds like the best possible idea I've had for a while. Best I would be able to do on the other hand anyways, since I only have a sound system and Garageband available to me. Adobe Creative Suite Four is erratic for me, so I can't use it.


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2009-10-15 03:27:38

another good line is
"i think i wet my pants, oh wait, no i didn't.. oh wait, yes i did"